Frequently Asked Questions.

There are three types of communities

  •  those who have no web presence and who would like one (you can create one),
  •  those who have a website but don’t like it (you can replace it), and
  •  those who want to keep their current website (you can link to it).
  •   Yes, that is one of our main attractions.
  •   Every organization, even the tiniest ones, now has a powerful mobile application that can communicate in real time, offer ecommerce, and link with the mother organization and member businesses.
  •  It’s an engaging, dynamic app, not a static one.

We have several models available, to suit any organization

  •  One is our subscription model, where you pay a flat fee each month.
  •  Another way is by revenue sharing; when you generate revenue on your site, we get a percentage of sales. We get paid when you get paid.
  •  We also offer private licensing for organizations who want to white label the service.

 Community Triangle offers a basic community communication package to which you can add a number of exciting modules to create a customized solution for your needs.

 You decide which features you need and want.

 Yes, you can try Community Triangle for the first 30 days at no charge.

 So, hurry up!

Try it free for 30 days or Request Demo

  No contracts are required. Community Triangle offers an inexpensive community management solution that you can cancel at any time, without penalty. But once you try it, we’re sure you’ll want to keep using it.

 Although we can get your site up in 1 day, we tell people to give us 48-72 hours to make your site live. If you are private-labeling your site, or creating personalized apps, it can take up to several weeks to go live.

  After the initial setup, you should assign a manager (or owner) who has administrative privileges over the site. This person can activate or deactivate members or organizations, post events, and send notifications.

  You’ll receive instructions on how to operate your site and mobile app. We are also in the process of creating a video library that should cover most of your questions. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact us with your questions.

  If you are currently working in a modern system, we can likely integrate our system into what you are already using.

  You can choose to keep your information private (owner or members-only) or make it public. You can even make that choice module by module.

  Most communities are already in touch with those they want to include in their site. For example, sports leagues may tie in with sponsors or local restaurants. And you’re in control of how you want them to sign up. You can offer paid sponsorships or ads, ecommerce links, or simple communication methods. It’s your choice. We can also help you create a marketing strategy to attract new organizations to your site. Charging them a small fee (that you determine) to be a member is a fantastic way to generate revenue, as well. You can also create and place paid ads on your site.

 Community Triangle is aligned with Stripe and integrated their technology into our system. Through your own link, you can accept donations, membership dues, or take ecommerce payments, for example.

  •  Don’t worry, we’re always adding more color themes and templates.
  •  If you don’t see a theme you like, let us know and we may be able to create something you will.

Try it free for 30 days or Request Demo