Social, Mobile and Connected.

Social, Mobile and Connected

Imagine having the ability to ensure that the right people in your organization and community can access the information they need, the moment they need it.

Community Triangle is so versatile and can be formatted to fit the specific needs of your company, nonprofit, school, government entity, or group, with little or no training needed. Our goal is to provide an off-the-shelf, customizable solution for your communication needs. It is the perfect enhancement to what you’re already doing, and can offer features (like a mobile app or customized website) that you just don’t have currently.

In a world that’s inundated with social media platforms, Internet ads and mobile devices, it’s easy for a message to get lost. That’s why Community Triangle creates a single point of contact that is Social, Mobile, and Connected.

By creating one global, online community, you can manage your communications, website and mobile app all from one easy-to-use platform

  •  Create a vibrant community
  •  Encourage community or member engagement and advocacy
  •  Manage and promote events
  •  Target messaging and feedback in real time
  •  Provide a virtual forum for questions and answers
  •  Sell sponsorships or advertising
  •  Offer ecommerce for products and vendors
  •  Collect membership dues and donations

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